Dubai Cares

Denis is 13 and lives with his three brothers, his sister, and his parents in Muntu Sub County, Amolatar District in Northern Uganda. Coming from a poor family background, he became disabled at the age of 11 following a lower leg amputation which was due to a bacterial infection.

Denis’s parents constantly fight for his right to receive an education and are highly supportive of his development. However, having previously attended a local Government Primary School, Denis faced several physical accessibility challenges within the school environment, as well as bullying and discrimination against him due to his disability. Further to these problems, his parents were unable to support him with sufficient school materials. The combination of these issues eventually led to Denis dropping out of school in 2015 at primary level three. 

Among the programs launched by Dubai Cares in Uganda last November, was a program that supports the enrollment and integration of children of determination into mainstream primary schools. This intervention by Dubai Cares has allowed children in Amolatar District with cases similar to Denis’, to benefit from schooling, medical and rehabilitative treatment. The  program seeks to provide a successful model to the government on how to support children of determination within the school system in order to reduce the number of school dropouts among children in the country.

Upon receiving information about the program from their local council chairperson during a mobilization activity, Denis’s family brought him along to be assessed for inclusion within the program. He was immediately identified as a target beneficiary and shortly after, medically assessed and registered for the program.

Denis has received a prosthetic knee to aid his mobility and he’s currently enrolled at Amolatar Primary School.

His parents have expressed their happiness with the support their son has been receiving. Speaking about the program, his father said: “I am very happy with what this project is doing for Denis and our community. The most important thing for me is that my son feels included in activities and now feels hopeful about his future.”

Denis said: “I am happy that I will be going to school every day and I want to remain in school so that I can become a Doctor and help others.”

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