Campaign Update

Dubai Cares will continue to raise funds in support of the people of Gaza through its Ramadan fundraising campaign, “Gaza In Our Hearts”. All future donations towards the campaign will be allocated to Anera once their operations resume, ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian aid to those who need it most. For more information, click here.


About Gaza In Our Hearts

Gaza’s most urgent needs today are food and shelter. Together, we can be its lifeline.

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With the conflict now in its sixth month, access to food and shelter to Gaza has become critically low, leaving many Gazans facing severe food insecurity reaching catastrophic levels. Recognizing the increasingly depleting supply of necessities needed by the people of Gaza, as well as the heightened sentiment of compassion among the UAE community, and a shared desire to extend more support, we have launched "Gaza In Our Hearts", a Ramadan fundraising campaign that provides members of the community the opportunity to unite and respond to this urgent need with a sense of responsibility and empowerment.

To ensure the prompt and efficient supply of this emergency relief, we have partnered with Anera who are working closely with UN, diplomatic and non-governmental organization partners to open aid corridors to enable it to urgently deliver life-saving aid. All donations will be used for the provision of emergency relief for Gaza, including:

Hot Meals Distribution: The distribution of hot meals will take place in Anera’s 5 existing ‘Tekias’ (community kitchens), which can serve an average of 100,000 meals per day. A dedicated team of approximately 60 individuals will prepare the hot meals, which will then be distributed by Anera in coordination with UNRWA. An AED 30 donation can provide 30 food servings.

Food Basket Distribution: Anera will distribute food baskets that provide enough produce for the preparation of 44 meals. Each basket weighs 20kg and contains a variety of items such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, dates, lemons, cucumbers, and eggplants. Distribution will be done in collaboration with local cooperatives. An AED 60 donation can provide 1 Food Basket .

Emergency Shelter Tents: The 4x4 meter tents are waterproof and fire-resistant. They feature one entrance and one exit, along with two side windows, serving as immediate shelter support and aiding medium-term recovery efforts. These tents will be procured internationally. An AED 1,650 donation can provide 1 Emergency Tent.

Through your generosity and compassion, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the humanitarian crisis. Together, let us stand in solidarity with Gaza and demonstrate that hope and compassion know no borders.

There are many ways you can support this campaign:

  • Make an online donation through our website
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  • Launch your own campaign on our crowdfunding platform

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  • Donate via SMS by texting the word Donate to 9030, 9090, 9300, 9600 and 9900 to donate AED 30, AED 90, AED 300, AED 600 or AED 900 respectively through Etisalat by e& and du

  • Make a direct financial donation through bank deposit to Dubai Cares' account or with a cheque addressed to Dubai Cares. Here are our bank details:

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Emirates Islamic Bank 
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P.O. Box 6564, Dubai, UAE 
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You can download the main flyer of the campaign here.

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