• Country: Iraq
  • Date: Sep 2017 - Apr 2018
  • Program Type: Education in Emergencies
  • Partner: War Child UK
It is estimated that children make up roughly 50% of the population of Mosul with roughly 140,744 school-aged children. Reports have indicated that almost half of all the schools in the city have been damaged or destroyed during the occupancy and subsequent liberation of the city. Dubai Cares in partnership with War Child UK and the Ministry of Education is working on identifying areas of priority in Mosul that have been hit the hardest. The program includes the rehabilitation of 12 schools in West Mosul to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for 4,800 children. It also includes mine risk education activities for children as there is still a risk of unexploded devices in the city. In addition, the program aims to train 60 teachers and 24 head teachers and staff of these schools. As part of the program, the Ministry of education will liaise with the local department of education to provide them with training and new materials as per the new Iraqi education plan. The Ministry will also begin the formation of Parent-Teachers Association (PTAs) to encourage further community engagement and target to reach 7,200 community members through outreach programs.
Direct Beneficiaries
Schools Built/Renovated
Teachers Trained
Civil Society Groups/PTAs


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