We believe that The Future is Human

Through an experiential journey that promises to be enlightening, positive, optimistic, engaging, imaginative and action-oriented, visitors to the two-level Dubai Cares Pavilion will come to understand what a level playing field can look like through the transformative power of education as they explore the various zones each with its own set of interactive activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy and explore. 

The pavilion’s ground level space will feature a series of engaging activities designed for youth, educators and parents across multiple unique zones, enriching their understanding of the emirate beyond common perceptions, introducing them to Dubai Cares and its mission and enlightening them about the importance of the various stages of learning. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the various ways through which they can join the Dubai Cares movement.

In the upper-level space, Dubai Cares will host engagements with children and youth, ensuring they get the opportunity to actively participate in Dubai Cares’ activities and can serve as young ambassadors for its mission. Visit this space for targeted discussions on education, philanthropy and much more!

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