• Country: Sri Lanka
  • Date: Sep 2018 - Aug 2021
  • Program Type: Quality of Education and Learning
  • Partner: Save the Children
The program improves the literacy skills of children in two districts of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu; and two districts of the Southern Province: Galle and Matara. It also indirectly benefits children, teachers and parents through teacher training and community-based activities. The project is articulated around Literacy Boost's three main pillars: assessing students' current literacy levels; building the capacity of teachers, school administrators and government in supporting children's literacy skills; and working with the community to promote reading awareness and strong language development. The program creates realistic and competency-based curricula, standards and government textbooks that reflect comprehensive literacy components, and ensures that teachers are prepared to use them effectively. It also trains pre- and in-service teachers to design lessons while ensuring that the in-service training for teachers is regular, practical, local and complemented by mentoring and peer support. Moreover, the program promotes investing in research to develop simple methods of delivering reading skills to teachers on a large scale, as well as embedding reading expertise throughout the education system to ensure teachers are equipped with the necessary skills to teach reading.
Direct Beneficiaries
Indirect Beneficiaries


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