• 8 September 2015

Marking International Literacy Day, Dubai Cares, a global philanthropic organization working to provide children in developing countries with access to quality primary education, has highlighted the significance of reading and writing as a basic human right.

Hailing literacy as an essential element in everyone's life, Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares said: "The ability to read and write, as a fundamental human right and basic ability represents the cornerstone of long-term prosperity in both developing and developed communities. The extent to which we use this simple life skill daily is unimaginable, yet taken for granted. Literacy gives people from all walks of life the means to develop their skills and the ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas. It facilitates their journey through life building a solid foundation for communication, interaction and reasoning skills."

"This is such a poweful aptitude that once gained, it cannot be stopped or even forgotten. Most of us cannot remember what it is like not to know how to read. However, there are more than 780 million adults in this day and age, of which more than half are women, that are illiterate. Just as troubling is the fact that 58 milion children still have no access to education and hundreds of millions more are enrolled in school, yet, have not mastered such crucial skills. Literacy is not only an aptitude, but a continuous exercise that enables learning throughout life," Al Gurg concluded.

Over the past eight years, Dubai Cares, with the support of the UAE community and its international partners, has been facilitating change and development in children's education in developing communities around the globe. Dubai Cares programs are currently reaching 14 million beneficiaries in 41 developing countries.

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