• 27 August 2018

Partnership creates long-lasting impact in India, Pakistan and the Philippines through quality education

Dubai Cares represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Tariq Al Gurg, visited Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company. During the visit, Al Gurg honored Mohamed Ali Al Ansari, Chairman and Managing Director, Al Ansari Exchange, and Rashed Ali Al Ansari, General Manager, Al Ansari Exchange for fulfilling the company’s invaluable commitment of AED 10 million that was pledged to Dubai Cares in 2012 over a period of five years in support of the global philanthropic organization’s programs in India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Al Gurg also expressed his appreciation to Al Ansari Exchange for renewing its commitment in 2017 with a second pledge of AED 10 million over five years that is being invested towards upscaling Dubai Cares’ program in the Philippines.

During the meeting, Al Gurg highlighted the impact of Al Ansari Exchange’s contribution in the lives of children and young people as well as their families and communities. Since 2012, a total of 26 schools in Pakistan have been rehabilitated and outfitted with furniture, sanitation facilities, health-focused resources, as well as 26 para-teachers and 50 school-teachers received training. In the Philippines, through Real Assets & Improved Skills & Education for Adolescent Girls (RAISE) and RAISE Higher programs, 2,396 out-of-school children and youth were provided with the opportunity to access education with marginalized girls given life-skills training, reading classes and increased access to education in addition to 148 teachers benefited from training. In India, the program enhanced literacy and numeracy skills, as well as improved early childhood education. The children in India now have access to 200 libraries and new educational materials to support their learning abilities.

As part of Al Ansari Exchange’s renewed commitment, Dubai Cares is scaling up its RAISE and RAISE Higher programs in Philippines through the launch of the RAISE Above program with a special focus on young women and men who are out of school and those who are in-school but are at risk of dropping out. The RAISE Above program which targets 4,000 young women and men, aims to increase knowledge about education, gender equality and the availability of related services, and create an improved and enabling environment for the education, training and employment aspirations of young women and men. In addition, the program is set to increase the capacity of schools to implement and respond to barriers to secondary education for women and men. The program also seeks to increase the capacity to provide gender-responsive, market-relevant Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to young women and men, the aim being to improve their employment opportunities. 

Commenting on the visit, Al Gurg said: “Our partnership with Al Ansari Exchange extends much beyond the generous financial commitment made in 2012 and further renewed in 2017. Al Ansari Exchange has been one of Dubai Cares’ most dedicated supporters since its inception in 2007. As a result of this generous contribution, Dubai Cares has been able to provide children and young people across India, Pakistan and the Philippines with a safe, secure and hygienic environment to build the foundations of their future. By renewing its pledge with AED 10 million until 2022, Al Ansari Exchange demonstrates its unwavering commitment towards ensuring every child and youth around the world has access to quality education. This support by one of the leading UAE family businesses is evidence of the growing emphasis that is being laid on corporate social responsibility which is widely instilled within the UAE community.”

Mohammad Ali Al Ansari said: “We are humbled with the words of praise given to us by Dubai Cares CEO Tariq Al Gurg. Over the years, Al Ansari Exchange has extended its support to various charitable undertakings, which demonstrates our continuing commitment towards giving back to children and young people - helping make a difference and extending a helping hand to those who need it. We are proud to have worked closely with Dubai Cares and its various programs, especially in its continuing efforts to provide access to quality education to individuals in need. Rest assured, Al Ansari Exchange will remain steadfast in its commitment to help charitable and noteworthy projects as part of its long-term commitment to both the UAE and the global community.”

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