• 19 August 2015

On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Dubai Cares stressed the importance of education in emergencies as tens of millions of children are currently affected in conflict areas around the world. As of this year, 30 million children are now forcibly displaced from their homes – the largest number since the height of the Second World War. Over 37 million children and adolescents have been forced out of school by conflict and emergency and attacks on education have dramatically risen to levels higher than any point in the past 40 years.

Addressing the great need for education in emergencies, Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares said: "Depriving children of their right to education not only affects their future prospects, but also leads to a lost generation and deteriorating communities. Moreover, education in emergencies is key to the long term success and sustainability of other forms of interventions as it is an essential tool to build and maintain economic prosperity and stability."

According to a recent report discussed at the Oslo Summit on Education for Development 2015, education in emergencies is often identified as a high priority by affected communities themselves. The transformative power of this long-term intervention is unparalleled. As we look towards the United Nations General Assembly Week in September 2015, Dubai Cares will continue to support efforts like the development of the new humanitarian fund for education in emergencies so that this power is amplified.

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