• 8 March 2013

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Dubai Cares highlights the importance of education for women. As the more vulnerable members of society, women face gender-based discrimination which reflects deeply-rooted sexism in society. Through its focus on girls’ education, Dubai Cares is fundamentally improving the lives and future of girls in developing countries by providing them with access to quality primary education.

Females who live in rural areas face some of the highest rates of illiteracy in the world. UNESCO estimates that about 80 percent of the 67 million unschooled children live in rural areas, the majority of whom are girls. Young girls from poor rural households are the least likely of any social group to be in school or to ever gain access to education. Illiteracy rates in rural areas are almost twice as high as in urban areas, particularly among women. The fundamental problem of the lack of girls’ education acts as a roadblock to sustainable rural development.

Dubai Cares’ sustained support and work towards girls’ education can have benefits ranging from improved maternal health, reduced infant mortality and fertility rates to increased prevention against HIV and AIDS.

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