Adopt a School. Strengthen a Community

Adopt a School. Strengthen a Community
Dubai Cares has launched its Adopt a School initiative to address the challenges faced by Tharu children in Nepal and children of Gaza in gaining access to quality primary education. This initiative is designed to make a genuine and tangible change in the lives of children, their families and communities.
Adopt a School. Strengthen a Community

Why Support Early Childhood Development in Gaza?

 Economists recognize that investment in early childhood is the most valuable investment a country can make. Yet, very few young children in Gaza and the West Bank have access to Early Childhood Development programs and services, with less than one third enrolled in preschools. The quality of preschools is woefully inadequate – centers are poorly constructed, in disrepair and ill equipped for the care and education needs of children.

By adopting an ECD school in Gaza, you will improve early childhood care, education and development for children aged 3–6 in remote and disadvantaged communities in Gaza.

You will directly contribute to rehabilitating, renovating and equipping kindergarten schools, thus improving access to early childhood quality education for 100 children. You will also be funding the training of teachers on early childhood pedagogy and the distribution of the “Let’s Read” reading packs to the school children. On top of that, you will be supporting community-based advocacy, literacy campaigns and cultural and recreational activities.

The 2-year program will also have an indirect impact on the parents, teachers and siblings of the ECD students.

Why Support School Infrastructure in Nepal?

Intervention programs that increase access to quality primary education and adult literacy in Nepal are a necessity, particularly programs that focus on developing the infrastructure of primary school classrooms and provide a safe and sanitary areas for children to learn and for teachers to teach.

By adopting a school in Western Nepal, you will be directly funding the construction of a three-classroom primary school and providing a safe and sanitary area for 150 children to learn and for teachers to teach.

You will be also funding the supply of school furniture and separated Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrines for girls and boys and contributing to improving access to adult education and literacy skills by providing training to local facilitators to teach illiterate women the fundamentals of reading and writing (approx. 100 women per school).

The 3-year program will involve 500 community volunteers contributed by parents and other adults in the construction of the school. 


Make your mark while helping us get closer to achieving the global child development agenda. To organize a meeting or request further information, please contact Amal Al Redha on: 

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