Sultan Al Shamsi

Sultan Al Shamsi

HE Sultan Al Shamsi is the Assistant Minister for International Development at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MOFAIC), with over 22 years of experience in governmental organizations and private sector. In addition to providing strategic guidance to the UAE leadership on issues relating to foreign assistance, his current responsibilities include supervising two departments: Foreign Aid Affairs and Technical Cooperation. HE Al Shamsi is also a board member of UAE Water Aid Foundation and board member of the Advisory Board for Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development.

Until the merger of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) in 2016, H.E. Al Shamsi served as the Assistant Under-Secretary for International Development at MICAD from 2013. At MICAD, H.E. Al Shamsi was responsible for setting up the new ministry, as well as acting as the lead for the development of the UAE foreign aid policy, and coordinating with the OECD/DAC regarding the documentation, evaluation and policy dialogue. He also acted as the Coordinator of the UAE Committee for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, and chaired MICAD’s Innovation Committee and Shaping the Future Committee.

H.E. Al Shamsi was the Executive Director (Assistant Under-Secretary) of the UAE Office for the Coordination of Foreign Aid (OCFA), from its establishment in 2009 until it became part of MICAD in March 2013. During this time, H.E. Al Shamsi was responsible for establishing and monitoring the implementation of OCFA’s structure, policies, strategic plans, and programs.

H.E. Al Shamsi’s previous roles include acting as: Director of Customer Services & Compliance at the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport; Support Services Manager at Al Foah Company in Abu Dhabi General Holding Corporation; and Manager at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

H.E. Al Shamsi is a graduate of Management Information Systems (MIS) from the UAE University, and holds Master of Business Administration/Information Management from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.