Volunteer Globally 2016

Volunteer Globally 2016
Volunteer Globally, one of the main pillars of our local outreach activities, offers members of the UAE community a rare chance to join the Dubai Cares team in Senegal to construct a school.

For the upcoming Volunteer Globally 2016 which will take place between October 30th and November 6th, we are looking for volunteers of 21 years and above, who are UAE residents, enthusiastic about social work and physically capable to perform construction work and adapt to the working conditions and routine of life in the village.

The school worksite activities planned for the volunteers include digging, picking, sifting, mixing concrete, making bricks, carrying water and tying rebar. Worksite activities will also be combined with cultural education workshops. Volunteers will be staying in accommodations close to the school site and the community benefitting from the project. 

Think you have what it takes? To register for Volunteer Globally 2016, complete the applications form via the following link http://goo.gl/forms/d6HnBGYxsb9v5yUS2 no later than Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 10:00 AM.

Once the applications are received, we will shortlist 50 candidates (priority will be given to those who register first), followed by a round of one-on-one interviews for the final selection of the 15 volunteers to travel to Senegal. The interviews will be conducted between July 23rd -31st. The volunteer team will also receive a comprehensive briefing ahead of the trip, which will cover the ground situation in Nepal, socio-economic background as well as an overview of the activities that will be undertaken as part of the school construction. An additional 15 volunteers will be placed on a waiting list.

The basic logistics and expenses of the trip including visa charges, travel, accommodation, food and beverage, travel supplies, vaccinations and safety equipment will be handled by Dubai Cares. Upon completion of the project, all volunteers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.


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