Dubai Cares Walks the Extra Mile for Education

Dubai Cares Walks the Extra Mile for Education

Banners flew high, chatter was all-around and excitement was in the air as everyone prepared for a fun day out in support of primary education for children in developing countries. Children leaped and jumped ecstatically, friends huddled together, families bonded and the Dubai Cares staff were getting ready for the start of one of the most important events of the year. The Jumierah Beach Park was at capacity, Dubai’s oasis of green at the heart of Jumierah was the venue for the Walk for Education 2013 and on this particular day, it was abuzz with action.

The Walk for Education 2013 has become a Dubai Calendar highlight as it continues to attract members of the community in droves. This year was no exception, as the three-kilometer walk that snakes around the park attracted over 5,500 participants all in support of “Education”.

Arushi Madan who participated in the Walk with her husband Madu Madan spoke enthusiastically about their experience at the Walk for Education 2013: “It was a job well-done, it was fantastic, we truly enjoyed it and we wish it could happen more often, every six months would be great!”

Dubai Cares has labeled this year’s Walk as one of the best in recent memory thanks in large to great community participation and support along with proactive partners and sponsors who helped turn the Walk for Education 2013 into a truly spirited and successful event. The large number of participants this year reflects the deep culture of kindness that the UAE have for the cause of children’s education in developing countries.

And no one echoes these sentiments better than Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares who explains: “The Walk for Education is one of our engagement activities that involves the UAE community in supporting our cause and raise awareness of the challenges faced by children in developing countries. Adults and children, all of us can make a difference by walking the distance.”

And certainly, the Walk for Education 2013 reflected Dubai residents’ desire to walk the extra mile to help children in developing countries by educating them and empowering them to break the cycle of poverty in hopes for a better life. Dubai Cares is already looking forward to next year’s Walk for Education and counts on the support of the UAE community to create another successful community event.