Ghana, latest edition to Dubai Cares programs

Ghana, latest edition to Dubai Cares programs

On May 2nd, Dubai Cares launched a 4-year Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) program in Ghana which will improve the education, health and nutrition of over 320,000 primary school aged children and the livelihoods of over 80,000 rural households. 

With the launch of this program, Dubai Cares is now reaching over 7 million children in 28 developing countries with its comprehensive primary education programs.

The program, which is receiving approximately AED10 million (USD2.7 million) in funding from Dubai Cares, will be implemented by the philanthropic organization with Partnership for Child Development (PCD) and will support the Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP), a poverty reduction initiative launched in 2005 by the Ghanaian government.

The program was launched at an official event in Ghana attended by a Dubai Cares delegation led by Tariq Al Gurg, CEO of Dubai Cares, and representatives from the local government and several international organizations including Ghana School Feeding Program, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Food Program, World Bank and SNV. 

The Homegrown School Feeding program represents a sustainable and integrated alternative to providing school meals to children while supporting economic activity in rural areas. 

The Dubai Cares program will also focus on ensuring the program’s sustainability by improving the in-country management capacity and promote more cost effective delivery systems that can result in increased program efficiency over the long term. This combination of effective delivery and increased capacity will enable the program to be scaled up in the future.

Dubai Cares, with the help of communities in the UAE, is now: